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Case Results

From fear of removal to a family reunited and free after so many years!

Victor P. immigrated with his family as a young boy from South America. He does not remember life in Peru. As a young adult, he developed a drinking problem which resulted in a number of DUI's and assault charges. At his last criminal court appearance, he realized that he might lose his marriage, job, health and be deported if he did not clean up his act. With the help of AA, he became sober. However, eventually his green card expired and he had to make a difficult decision. Would he apply to renew it, but risk denial and removal proceedings if his past caught up with him? Or should he apply directly for US naturalization, but run the same risk? Alternatively, if he did nothing, how could he ever prove lawful immigration status to obtain a new job, update his driver's license, qualify for a bank loan, etc.? He consulted with a handful of attorneys who declined to take his case. After performing due diligence by conducting a thorough "crimmigration" analysis, Ms. Moidel helped Victor apply for US naturalization. She argued successfully that his criminal record did not pose an outright bar to naturalization under law, that he now had the requisite "good moral character" and deserved the "favorable exercise of discretion".  Upon becoming a US citizen, Victor was able to successfully sponsor his wife- who had been out of status herself for 18 years- to adjust status to lawful permanent resident. He also just successfully sponsored his stepson, his wife's biological son, whom she was unable to see and raise all this time. The family has gone from living with fear and uncertainty, to finally becoming whole and safe.

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